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Freshman Wrestling in the 145 Weight Class

Freshman, Jordan Finnesy has a new experience to look forward to as he goes into the state tournament ranked sixth. The Plainville High School wrestler will be competing in the 145 pound weight class as he is one of the two freshman who are in the bracket. Finnesy has been involved with this sport for as long as he can remember and has confidence in his matches, but takes into consideration that he his only a freshman. jordan

“[A disadvantage that I have is that] I am younger than everyone else in my weight class, but I wrestle the very best I can and hope that I can get the win,” Finnesy said.

With the mindset that the Plainville freshman has, it has scored him a 31-11 record as he makes his way to state. The help of his teammate and state qualifier, junior, Noah Hansen keeps him motivated to better himself every single day. Corey Dobson, the head coach, says that his work ethic and dedication is one of the things that keeps Finnesy going.

“I’m really proud of Jordan. He’s done really well as a freshman and 145 is a tough weight class but I tell him that weight class is tough because of him,” Coach Dobson said.

When it comes to preparation it means putting time in the gym to lifting weights, run, and do drills. Before the season started, Finnesy had his goal which was to wrestle in the 321a state tournament. In the offseason he trained by doing freestyle wrestling, and when the season started he’d go in for weights and take things one step at a time. His coaches agree that the time that was put into the sport helped him learn how to manage his hips and gain great leverage. The only thing they hope that they get from the freshman wrestler is that he gives it his all throughout his matches.

“My only expectation is for him to go out and do his best and I know his best will be a pretty good finish at this tournament,” Coach Dobson also stated.


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