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Brothers Take on State

kirkBrothers Kirk and Mark Coomes (junior and senior respectively) have been involved with the sport of wrestling for as long as they can remember. Both have even represented Kansas in national tournaments. This weekend they are both representing Phillipsburg High School at the 321A State Tournament. Kirk is coming into the tournament off of a regional title and is ranked 2nd in 195lbs. Mark is coming off of a regional runner-up finish and is ranked fifth in 170lbs.

“I feel pretty good about making it back to state, it was hard to get back in the rhythm of everything. My expectations for this weekend are to at least get on the podium and hopefully win this next match I have. I’d love to make it to the finals and hopefully come out on top,” Kirk Coomes said.

Kirk, however, was forced to take a last season off due to injury he encountered during football season. He didn’t let this weigh him down in the end, though, as he has come back better than ever with the hopes of victory.

“In our state football game, I came in for our starting running back and I had 26 carries and they started tackling me low and I ended up tearing my biceps femoris and I also strained my quad and hamstring. The injury was a real setback but I think I’m back in full shape and ready to do the sport I love. I don’t ice my leg after every match but my knees still get pretty sore. Other than that I’ve recovered fairly well,” Kirk said.

The brothers are known (in school and in the wrestling room) for being motivating forces to each other, helping the other achieve anything they set to mind.

“They work together every day in the practice room and help each other out in all aspects of the sport. They are lucky to have each other. I’d like to have them both get on the podium this weekend and I think they have a good shot doing just that,” Coach Andy Kenney said about the duo.

“We practice with each other every day. Even when our coach wants us to switch partners, we usually stay with each other. We lift together during the offseason and he [Mark] pushes me to be the best I can be and I try to do the same with him. It sad knowing that we won’t be able to play any sports with each other [due to Mark being a senior] after this year, but it’s a pretty cool opportunity to be able to spend most of high school and the last year with my brother. I will miss him both in sports and in general next year,” Kirk said.

With a long weekend ahead, the Coomes’ brother are hoping to finish on top and end their season’s with a pair of gold medals.

Dawson Sproul



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