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The Redmen: An Upcoming Threat

davidAfter finishing in 4th place – just 4.5 points short of a top 3 finish – the Smith Center Redmen are back and determined to achieve success individually and as a team.

“We always expect that [a lot of medals and podium finishes]. The past couple of weeks we’ve been getting in shape and doing a lot more learning than usual. We kicked in into hard gear as far as drilling and made sure to condition ourselves so that we are fully prepared,” Coach Brock Hutchinson said.

This town, however, doesn’t focus solely on wrestling; Smith Center also succeeds in football. With a record of 9-3, the Redmen found success in regionals and sectionals, but came up just short of a state-title game finish, getting beat out by league rival Plainville 14-0 in sub-state. A few of their state qualified wrestlers competing this weekend participate in football as well, using the training for that fall sport to benefit them in their winter sport: wrestling.

Smith Center junior, Colton Hutchinson (who is ranked 4th in 145lbs for this weekend) said: “[In preparation for this tournament and the wrestling season in general] I lifted a lot of weights over the summer, trying to get bigger for football of course, and just cut down as much as I could to give me a better opportunity to get a state championship.”

Coach Hutchinson, Colton’s father and wrestling and football coach, has one goal in mind for his son and the team in general this weekend: “they have to win.”

The Redmen brought a total of seven wrestlers this year – almost double their number from last year (4). Among those seven, along with the coach’s son, is senior David Hileman (ranked 2nd in 138lbs). Hileman won the 126lbs state title in 2015, placed 3rd in the same weight class in 2016 and is back with a vengeance this year. Moved up two weight classes this year, Hileman has faced some new competition, but that hasn’t stop him from achieving an impressive record of 22-2.

“It felt really different not being in the state title matchup last year, but that just gives me that much more of a reason to come back even better this year. My goal this year is to go all the way,” Hileman said. 

Being ranked 4th as a team coming into the weekend, the Redmen may be looking at a top three finish.

“I don’t know [if we will place in the top three as a team]. We will have to just wait and see; it’s a long weekend,” Coach Hutchinson said.

Dawson Sproul


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